Complimentary service

The warranty period for this product is one year after purchase (however, defects due to consumers' negligence will be charged).


Paid service

The warranty period for complimentary service is calculated from the date of purchase. In case of non-verification, the warranty period is applied based on 2 months from the date of manufacture.

The following cases will be charged even within the warranty period:

  • Foreign substances (liquid substances such as water and beverages) are injected into the product.
  • Damage and failure caused by natural disasters such as lightning, fire, flood, earthquake
  • For products distributed in a form other than an official route
  • Failure of function and appearance damage caused by consumer’s negligence.
  • Damaged by using products other than dedicated components


Check before A/S

When the power cannot be turned on
- Make sure the power of the input device connecting the USB connector is on or not. (The power of controller will not turned on when it is not operating.)

when it doesn't work
- Check the connection jack terminal if there is some foreign substances, etc. and reconnect
- Make sure the power button is pressed after setting the time/mode.

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 *This is about Tulif Premium mask.